Fri May 24 18:02:02 2019

/home/brandenb/pencil-weekly-tests/bin/pencil-test --tag-stable -D /home/brandenb/pencil-weekly-tests --use-pc_auto-test --auto-test-options=--max-level=3,--config-files=hosts/nordita/norlx51-gfortran-6.4 -N12 -u -c -rs -T /home/brandenb/public_html/pencil-code/tests/g95_debug-O1_timings.txt -Hm,,,,,,,, -t 15m -l


First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
Fast-forwarded master to 67859459f1841b86f010b4a9cbc03ce8fdda56c0.
Updated to git revision 67859459f1841b86f010b4a9cbc03ce8fdda56c0
Failed getting lock (lock file is /tmp/
Another auto test is running as pid 23519
Use 'pc_auto-test --nolock' to ignore the lock file

### auto-test failed ###
Couldn't get lock file

CPU time (including compilation):   00:00u 00:00s
Total wall-clock time:              undef = undef + undef

Fri May 24 18:02:56 2019